Freedom of

Distance Education


Join a Global Network of Like-minded Students

With online studying having so many benefits, it’s not difficult to see why it’s popularity grown around the world in recent years. BlueGreen Masters is delivering flexible, content-rich Degree courses which empower people in their lives and unleashes the freedom of distance education.

At BlueGreen, you no longer have to take time out from your work or from other commitments to enhance your long-term prospects and achieve that award you’ve always wanted.

Put simply, if you have internet access you can study a course with BlueGreen, and our students love the ability to control where, when and how they study. That’s the real freedom BlueGreen wants to offer to every single student.

At BlueGreen We

Travel and Study


What do you need to study at BlueGreen?

  • Internet

    Whether you own a PC, a laptop or a tablet, your online learning experience will be dependent on your device. Once you’re connected to the internet, you will have access to our study portal, Onboard – this is your digital academy.

  • Focus

    Do you feel most comfortable at home, or in a cool coffee store surrounded by others? Perhaps you like to visit the park, or perhaps you prefer the background noise of waves at a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Wherever it is that you feel you learn best, you must have a place that makes you comfortable.

  • Self-Motivation

    With no physical classes to attend, you must feel confident that you are able to keep on top of your workload. To do that, you definitely need some self-motivation and self-discipline.

At BlueGreen We

Benefit and Study


BlueGreen goes beyond

BlueGreen wants to offer its students & staff a great experience, which goes beyond just a great user experience. Each student gets a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, several discounts for shops in specific countries and access to our community to stay in touch with other students.


A unified for Distance Learning on Global Level

BlueGreen Masters take pride in passionately providing you online global education on sustainable aquaculture competencies by the best and global authorities.