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Unified Distance Education Platform on Global Level

BlueGreen Masters take pride in passionately providing you online global education on sustainable aquaculture competencies by the best and global authorities.

  • Professional Education

    BlueGreen Masters take pride in passionately providing online global education on sustainable aquaculture competencies by the best authorities.

  • Over 200 Courses

    BlueGreen has more than 220 programs, plus a talented team of faculty and staff to help find what’s right for you. Whatever your passion, we’ll put you on the path to success.

  • BlueGreen on the Go

    Our unique learning experience means all your study materials are online, so you can learn on your laptop, smart phone or tablet – at home, at work or even on the move.

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Why choose us


Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us to build your infrastructure, support your people and systems, as well as advise you on projects that will reduce your risk.
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    One to One

    Whenever you need assistance, there’ll be a contact person for each course you can have a one to one with.

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    Each course is developed by several professionals and passed our strict academic-level guidelines, which gives you the most richest study experience with up to date information.

  • Modern Academy

    With our immersive online learning platform, you can access your course material, engage in BlueGreen Network and reach out to your tutors. Chatting with your peers in forums, or really lessens the ‘distance’ element of studying this way, making you feel part of a year group and supported.

  • Low Cost

    Most academics now charge €7,950 per year for tuition fees. At BlueGreen things are different: our degrees are below the average price of a UK qualification.

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    User Experience

    We focussed on all kind of aspects that makes a UX looks great and easy to use. Whether you are using a desktop or your phone, our responsive UX got you covered.

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy. No hassles, no problems.

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